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Chicken Wire Fencing
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Poultry Wire
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  Chicken wire is available in the following types according to materials used and finish treatment:

    Hexagonal Wire Netting


Variety: Galvanized wire netting, plastic coated wire netting or stainless steel wire netting.
Uses: As chicken wire or poultry netting, materials for wrapping pipelines and protection, decoration, stucco netting and fences.

Chicken wire netting   Hex Netting
Hexagon mesh also named chicken mesh, hencoop mesh and turtleback mesh.
Weaving pattern: straight twist, reverse twise, and double-direction twist.
1.Galvanized Hexagonal wire mesh have weaving after hot-dipped Hexagonal wire mesh or hot-dipped after weaving Electrol hexagonal wire mesh: ,galvanized before weaving Hexagonal wire mesh, galvanized after weaving Hexagonal wire mesh
2.Dipped plastic Hexagonal Mesh also named PVC hexagonal mesh (weaving before dipped hexagonal mesh and PVC hexagonal mesh or dipped before weaving hexagonal mesh and PVC hexagonal mesh )
Hexagon wire mesh
surface: Hot dipped glav. Or electro-galv. (galv. After weaving or before weaving)
mesh size: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4"
wire size: from 0. 3mm Up to 2mm.
packing: In rolls. Each roll is wrapped in moistureproof paper.
hexagonal wire mesh Hexagonal wire mesh is also known by the name of chicken mesh. Wire materials: Hexagonal wire mesh is manufactured in galvanized iron or PVC coated wire. Application: Hexagonal wire mesh with its good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, serves well as strengthening, protection and temperature keeping mater.

Hexagonal Wire Netting Hexagonal Wire Netting

Product Name: Chicken Wire Netting
Place of Origin: China

We produce chicken wires, also named hexagonal wire meshes as: electro gal. chicken
wire before/after weaving; hot dip galvanized chicken wire before/after weaving;
PVC coated chicken wire before/after chicken wire, mesh size from 3/8" until 4".

Material: plain steel wire, electro galvanized iron wire, hot dip galvanized iron
wire procedure: hot dip galvanized before weaving, hot dip galvanized after weaving,
electro galvanized before weaving, electro galvanized after weaving, PVC or
PE coat after weaving, PVC or PE coat before weaving

Mesh size: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1.5", 2", 3", 4"
Width: 0.2m-2.0m
Length: 30m-60m
Product feature: it has well erosion-resisting and rustproof properties

Application: extensively used in industrial and agricultural construction, building
works, and all such made for the purpose of reinforcing and fencing as protective
cage, guards for window and machinery safety isolation, floor screen reinforcement
and poultry cage, fishing, garden and children's play-ground

Gabions and gabion mattresses are wire fabric containers, uniformly partitioned,
of variable size, interconnected with other similar containers and filled with stone
at the site of use, to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such
as retaining walls, sea walls, channel linings, revetments and weirs for earth
retention. Mattresses are relatively small in height in relation to the lateral
dimension of a gabion and are generally used for channel linings.

Hexagon wire netting is also called Gabion network, or hexagonal wire mesh. Anping County Wire and Wire Mesh Factory can supply them all the time. Wire Materials for Hexagonal Wire Netting: Quality mild steel wire, stainless steel wire, etc. Weaving Patterns: Straight twist, reverse twist, double twist. Process of Hexagonal Wire Netting: Galvanized after weaving or galvanized before weaving. Finish of Hexagonal Wire Netting: Electric galvanizing, hot-dip zinc plating, stainless steel or PVC coated. Hexagonal Wire Netting Color: PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh is green, white, grey or other colors; enameled hexagonal wire mesh is green. General Use: Hexagonal wire mesh with its good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, serves well as strengthen, protection and temperature keeping materials in the form of mesh container, stone cage, isolation wall, boiler cover or poultry fence in construction, petroleum, chemical, breeding, garden and food processing industries

We will always insist that quality comes first, service-oriented!
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We can supply hexagonal mesh chicken wire with the hole size of 1/2", 3/4", 5/8", 1", 2" and 1x2". The surface is electric galvanized and hot-dipped galvanized and pvc coated. Roll width is 3', 1m or 4', 5', 6' or 2m and the length is 100', 25m or 150'. Custom sizes and specifications can be provided for customers.
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